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Zoggs Zoggles

EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE: Super soft medical grade silicone is unique to our goggles. Allows for an extremely comfortable and super soft fit around the eyes for a more pleasing swim and won’t cause headaches like traditional swim goggles. Flexible kids’ siz


Zoggs Racespex

Zoggs Racespex goggles offer an ultra low profile. Soft-Seal frame and silicone easy adjust strap for comfort.


Zoggs Predator Polarized

Get the best sun protection in any body of water with the Zoggs Predator Polarized Goggles.


Zoggs Predator

Find your perfect contoured fit in the Zoggs Predator Goggles, designed with curved lens technology for 180 degree vision in and out of the water.


Zoggs Pred Flex React

Give your eyes the best protection possible in and out of the water with the Zoggs Predator Flex Reactor L/XL Goggles, complete with photo chromatic technology that automatically adjusts to find the perfect shade outdoors.


Zoggs Pred Flex Polarized

Block out the glare for superior vision in these Predator Flex Goggles, complete with a polarized design for exceptional color and definition.


Zoggs Podium

ROLLED SEALS: Allows for a unique and custom fit around the eyes. LOW PROFILE DESIGN: The low profile goggles offer less surface area than standard goggles, creating less drag in the water and making the overall construction more arrow dynamic, allowing


Zoggs Nose Clip

Soft silicone pads for comfort fit Easy fit plastic frame Regular size fits most noses Handy carry case


Zoggs Kick Buoy

Who really wants to carry both a kickboard and a pull buoy for swim training? Use the lightweight 2 in 1 Kick Buoy made by swimmers for swimmers. Perfect for leg sets and stroke efficiency sets. Made of durable EVA foam.


Zoggs Fusion Air

UVA/UVB protection goggles Supreme comfort around the eye Prevents raccoon eyesξ Easy adjustable straps for quick fitting 3 adjustable nose bridge sizes for a custom fit Mirrored lenses. Great for outdoors Anti fog solut


Zoggs Easy-Fit Silicone Cap

30% more stretch than a traditional silicone cap makes this cap so comfortable, and perfect for long hair. Made of 100% ultra-soft silicone.

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